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Refund And Cancellation


Attention: Please read carefully


  • Subject to sub clause (3) of this Section, a refund claim may, however, be admitted on merits after due consideration of the request by the college. If approved, the amount to be refunded shall be within the limits stated below:
  • Any time after admission, but 15 days before the date of commencement of classes, total fees excluding Rs. 25,000/-.
  • Any time after the commencement of the classes but within seven days, total fees excluding Rs. 50,000/- plus Rs. 1,500/- per day from the date of commencement of classes till the date of receiving of the application for cancellation of admission.

Provided that the trainee has not left the College for his personal reasons.

Further provided, where a trainee has not reported or has not given prior information to the management of his intention for cancellation of admission, within the said period of ten days under this clause, he shall not be entitled for any refund of Registration Fee.

Explanation I: If the trainee leaves the college for his personal reasons and no fault of the college, he/she shall not be entitled for any refund under this clause.

  • After seven days from the date of commencement of classes, no refund of any nature.
  • In any agent/broker/counselor give you any fake promises and you also give any money, amount on our behalf, we are not responsible. Fees must be submitted only institute’s account not any other place or account.
  • Where a student in a course has been admitted to the course after the commencement of the classes through the waiting list or otherwise, the number of days specified above will be reckoned from the date of commencement of classes or complete batch and not from the date of his actual admission.
  • Any student, who withdraws from the course after the date of commencement of classes for his personal reasons as mentioned in sub section (1), will be required to remit to the college, in addition to the amount forfeited, the course fee payable for the remaining period of the course.
  • All decisions regarding the refund of fees remain with the management. The decision will be abiding and final. All legal jurisdiction will be within the city of Jaipur.
  • All the disputes and differences between institute and you, shall be resolved under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, and by an arbitrator who shall be appointed by the Institute and whose decision shall be binding upon the parties. Further, the place of jurisdiction in all matters, including arbitration shall be confined to Jaipur only.
  • All rights reserved with the Institute.

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