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The AIHCM is a well-established training academy in the marine & aviation hospitality field. We justifiably take pride in its excellent reputation for quality training. Equipped with the latest shipboard working instrumentation and maritime teaching systems, marine workshop, ground staff training and cabin crew training. Our institute maintains a close liaison with the aviation and maritime industry. We are growing air hostess training institute in Jaipur. Be a part of the AIHCM aviation institute in Jaipur, which offers a focused course that helps candidates reach their potential and meet airline standards. It is an effort to respond readily to the industry’s changing needs and demands, with courses being developed and upgraded constantly.

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For most positions on board, the minimum recruitment age is 17 years.

Yes. The universal language of the seas is English and in fact all employers require a good standard of English from applicants. If your level of English is not reasonable you may have some difficulty. However, the course is easy to follow and understand.

No, the course has been laid out in a very logical step-by-step format, with test questions at the end of each module to ensure that you have fully understood and absorbed the information. It is important that you study the modules in numerical order as the course has been structured with this in mind and it will be much easier to complete.

No, the course is very flexible for you to study at times convenient to you.

In cabin crew training at AIHCM, students can expect a comprehensive curriculum covering safety procedures, emergency protocols, customer service techniques, hospitality standards, inflight service, aviation regulations, cultural sensitivity, and communication skills. Training involves a mix of theoretical classroom sessions, practical simulations, and hands-on experience to prepare students for the duties of a cabin crew member.

After completing cabin crew training at AIHCM, graduates typically undergo assessments and examinations to ensure they've acquired the necessary skills. Successful candidates may join airlines as probationary cabin crew members, where they undergo further on-the-job training and evaluation before becoming full-fledged cabin crew.

At AIHCM, the duration of ground staff training programs varies. Typically, these programs range from several weeks to a few months, covering customer service, airport operations, baggage handling, security procedures, and airline policies.

The top three skills for airport ground staff, emphasized at AIHCM, include excellent communication skills, customer service orientation, and attention to detail/problem-solving abilities. These skills are vital for providing exceptional service to passengers and ensuring smooth airport operations.

The age limit for ground staff positions in aviation may vary depending on airline and regulatory requirements. Generally, candidates should be at least 18 years old to apply for ground staff positions. Some airlines may have upper age limits, but specifics can vary.

Air hostess training at AIHCM Jaipur involves a rigorous curriculum covering safety and emergency procedures, customer service, first aid, hospitality, cultural awareness, aircraft familiarization, grooming standards, and communication skills. The program prepares students for the responsibilities and challenges of working as air hostesses in the Indian aviation industry.

At AIHCM, the training period for air hostess programs typically ranges from 6 months to 1 year. During this time, students undergo intensive training to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for the role, including theoretical coursework, practical simulations, and hands-on experience.

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